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Resonon Hyperspectral Cameras for Laboratory, Airborne Remote Sensing and Factory

01 Nov 2023

Photon Lines’ partner Resonon has been designing and building hyperspectral imaging systems for over 20 years. Their hyperspectral imagers are used around the world in factories, laboratories, underwater, on the ground, in the air, and soon, in low earth orbit (launch scheduled for 2025). Their integrated hardware and software systems produce high quality data to stimulate new insights and solve challenging problems.

Resonon hyperspectral systems enable you to accurately and consistently distinguish between similar colours or materials. Their systems are in use worldwide on platforms ranging from aeroplanes and drones to microscopes. For example, Resonon’s airborne and ground based outdoor systems are extensively used in precision agriculture research, enabling identification of weeds, monitoring of plant health and evaluation of ripeness. Early detection of crop stress is a common application, a subject that becomes increasingly more important due to climate change and extreme weather conditions. An example of the use of a Resonon laboratory hyperspectral systems for this type of application is available on their website, outlining a Chinese study to evaluate the effects of water stress on oilseed rape leaves – read more here

Resonon’s airborne systems are complete hyperspectral solutions containing all hardware and software necessary to acquire georegistered hyperspectral data. Airborne systems can be mounted on both drones and piloted aerial platforms. The Pika L is their most popular VNIR spectral regime (400 – 1000 nm) airborne kit, with a payload weight starting at just 1.83 kg and a compact size. The Pika IR-L and Pika IR-L+ NIR imagers (925 – 1700nm) are high resolution, compact, and have a payload weight starting at just 2,23 kg, making them a great choice for remote sensing in the NIR regime. The Pika L, Pika IR-L and the Pika IR-L+ can fly on many drones, including the popular DJI M300.

Photon Lines can demonstrate or loan a ground based NIR system at short notice, Click here to request this service.

Airborne systems can be fitted with any of Resonon’s hyperspectral imaging cameras. The GPS/IMU contains an RTK receiver for centimetre-scale positioning and increased orientation accuracy. An Emlid RTK Base Station and compatible radio are now available as optional components. Single and dual antenna GPS/IMU options are available.

To learn more about the multitude of applications being addressed on a daily basis around the world, click here

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