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Technica establishes new FBG manufacturing facility in Singapore

26 May 2017

US-based FBG devices developer significantly grows its optical sensors product capabilities in SE Asia.

Technica, a developer of Fiber Bragg Grating sensors and filters, FBG array sensors and gold coated fibers, as well as other optical devices, has opened a new FBG manufacturing facility and advanced technologies center in Singapore, to support the Atlanta, Georgia-headquartered company’s growth.

The development of the company’s new operation, called Technica Singapore, follows the opening of Technica’s earlier Asian manufacturing operation in Beijing, China.

Equipped with state-of-the-art femtosecond laser stations, nano-scale positioning, micro-machining equipment, and advanced proprietary fiber processing technologies, Technica's engineering and manufacturing team in Singapore will focus on worldwide customers with special FBG sensor requirements that are not currently addressable by the company’s existing volume production facilities in Beijing.

Andrei Csipkes, President & CEO of Technica, commented, "Demand for FBG sensors is growing in energy, security, transportation, health monitoring, civil engineering and other fields. Immune to electro-magnetic interference, small, light and multiplexible, our new generation of FBG sensors and related devices support diverse monitoring and control functions.”

New T55 lensed FBG

Techica’s latest product development is the T55 Lensed FBG, a splice-free pigtail assembly designed for external cavity semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, DFB lasers, and optical sensors. The T55 integrates FBG and lensing technologies in a single robust device designed to maximize laser performance.

Csipkes said, “Lensed FBGs are optimized for the specific laser chip to which they are coupled. The splice-free design of the T55 eliminates splice loss, break points and bulky splice sleeves, while maximizing coupling efficiency between the fiber and the laser.”

Other products include: thin-fiber FBG sensors for medical and composites applications; glass fiber-reinforced polymer FBG sensing cables for civil, geotechnical, and other applications; through-the-coating (TTC)-written FBGs for applications requiring high tensile-strength; tilted FBGs for micro-bending sensors, refractometers, and concentration sensors for biochemical applications; lensed FBGs for external cavity semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, and DFB lasers.

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