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Laserworld Group merges with HB-Laser

16 Jul 2014

Swiss and German laser lightshow specialists join forces.

German company HB-Laserkomponenten has merged with Swiss-based Laserworld Group, which describes itself as “world leader in the manufacture and distribution of show laser light systems”. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Martin Werner, CEO at Laserworld, who has overseen several partnership developments and new start-ups with the Laserworld Group over the past few years, commented, "In an increasingly difficult niche-market, consolidation is essential to configure businesses to be competitive and at the same time provide products to meet customer requirements.

"Achieving this in such a specialized industry like ours is only possible with a strong team of highly qualified individuals; Laserworld is providing the ideal framework for this.

"Laserworld’s network already spans the world, with its consituent companies maintaining their independence, identity and brand structures, but able to focus on their core business sectors. HB-Laser, a leading supplier to the German laser show market perfectly fits this philosophy."

The company has a permanent stock of about 10,000 laser projectors and claims to sell more than 4,000 lasers per month. All models are available on short lead times, even in larger quantities. Since 2012 the company has been running subsidiaries in Shenzhen, China, Manchester, UK, and in Florida, USA. In 2011 the company took on Ray Technologies, Munich, Germany, as a subsidiary, which is responsible for the manufacture of high power products.

About HB Laser

About 25 years ago, Harald Bohlinger founded HB-Laser and it now describes itself as “one of the veteran companies in the laser light show industry”. Core competencies are not only the development and manufacturing of professional show laser light systems but also multi-media and laser show production services. The company has been recognized with more than 30 national and international awards.

The new structure of the Laserworld Group offers promising, new potential, the company claims. Marketing structures and global sales network will be enhanced with HB-Laser’s experience at the technical level, also in customer support, project planning and implementation of multi-media laser productions.

Further synergies are also expected achieved in areas such as research and development, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Lutz Bartl, CEO at HB Laser, expects more than a big step forward, commenting, "Despite substantial market changes in our industry over the past years, we at HB-Laser were always up to date with innovations; we drove them forward and developed new products and solutions.

"We also saw Laserworld completely changing the whole show laser light market in a short time. Following this merger, we are now in the position to participate in this and increase our presence in the market and industry, with clear advantages for our customers."

The following video shows some of the activities and presentations developed by Laserworld:

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Matthew Peach is a contributing editor to optics.org.

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