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26 Jun 24
XR optics firms to advance waveguides with nuclear and military groups

US Army and Oak Ridge teams partner with Kopin and DigiLens in support of government missions.

26 Jun 24
Spectroscopic breakthrough measures soil-plastic contamination

Japan-based group quantifies nano/micro particles – without requiring soil separation.

25 Jun 24
LIONESS imaging reveals details of brain's complexity

ISTA nanoscopy protocol includes modified STED super-resolution technique.

25 Jun 24
Missouri develops 3D printing method for multi-materials manufacturing

Freeform Multi-material Assembly Process combines 3D printing with laser process, enabling multi-functional devices.

25 Jun 24
Wave Photonics secures £4.5M; launches quantum PIC package service

Cambridge, UK, startup aiming to mimic semiconductor industry's commercial foundry approach.

24 Jun 24
ESO observes massive black hole ‘awaken’ in real time

Steady data from a galaxy observed since 2019 started to show tell-tale changes in brightness.

24 Jun 24
MIT uses shadows to model 3D scenes, including occluded objects

Partnership with Meta creates new vision technique could enable smart cars to “see through traffic”.

20 Jun 24
SPIE Astro 2024: Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory awards contract to AMOS

To design and build the TMT Tertiary Mirror Support System and Positioner Assembly.

20 Jun 24
Oxford PV debuts commercial solar module with record 26.9% efficiency

Module measuring 1.6 m2, weighing 25 kg, is specified for residential applications.

19 Jun 24
Sysmex Astrego rapid testing system wins Longitude Prize on AMR

Assessing antimicrobial effect through phase-contrast imaging will help meet critical global need.

19 Jun 24
FMCW lidar tapped for major automated train project in Germany

Aeva's sensor technology selected for federally funded initiative also featuring Siemens and Bosch.

19 Jun 24
Trumpf laser process enables recycling of batteries on ‘industrial scale’

Used power sources, such as from e-vehicles, can be cut up safely and valuable raw materials saved.

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