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08 Jun 22
Laser threshold magnetometry promises sensitive magnetic sensors

Fraunhofer project achieves first measurement of magnetic-field-dependent stimulated emission.

08 Jun 22
New launch OpenLight offers silicon photonics with integrated lasers

Silicon Valley startup says its 400G and 800G reference designs with integrated lasers will be available this summer.

07 Jun 22
UK researchers run ‘mass-manufacturable’ sensors at quantum limit

Photonic method heralds applications like monitoring greenhouse gases and cancer detection.

07 Jun 22
Sony sets up space comms subsidiary

Japanese technology giant to develop laser links for low-Earth orbit satellites.

07 Jun 22
Duke University enhances OCT for higher resolution and reduced speckle

Computational approach combines multiple OCT volumes to reveal 3D features.

07 Jun 22
DAVINCI mission prepares to reveal mysteries of Venus

Spacecraft is scheduled to drop spectrometers into the planet's atmosphere in 2031.

06 Jun 22
Munich partnership controls light pulses in MIR range

Development offers potential to boost reliability of medical diagnostics using infrared lasers.

06 Jun 22
Report: emerging optics to displace Fresnel lenses in XR headsets

IDTechEx analysis also predicts 24% compound market growth of XR optics industry through 2032.

06 Jun 22
Western Australia ‘breakthrough’ towards gravitational wave detection

University group is using metasurface sensor to measure tell-tale laser eigenmodes.

03 Jun 22
LASER 2022: World of Quantum to be continued at next Laser expo

Messe München reports “successful premiere” of the event; new quantum-technology conference in planning.

01 Jun 22
Singapore’s quantum aims boosted by three national platforms

State’s objectives are to grow capabilities in quantum-computing, safer communications, and devices.

01 Jun 22
Japan’s NICT transmits 1 petabit/s in standard multi-core optical fiber...

...while Airguide Photonics hollow-core fiber development achieves “record-low” propagation losses.

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