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22 Feb 24
Helmholz Center Berlin builds multiparameter optical test instrument

‘CLIMAT’ system measures up to 14 different variables – for materials and solar cell applications.

21 Feb 24
‘Chuck’ Mattera to retire as CEO of Coherent

Board commences executive search; company reaffirms fiscal 2024 guidance.

21 Feb 24
DustPhotonics to ramp 800G silicon photonics chip

Latest $24 million investment by venture backers will support scaling of 'Carmel' products.

21 Feb 24
WashU develops portable OCT based on photonic integrated circuits

Grant of $20 million will support research into platform for eye screening at lower cost.

21 Feb 24
Precision Optics picks out target applications in defense sector

US firm sees fast-growing opportunities emerging in drones, laser weapons, and satellite communications.

21 Feb 24
UPenn develops optical chip to process complex math for AI

Offers potential to accelerate processing speed, while cutting energy need.

20 Feb 24
Chalmers and Nokia Bell Labs refine prediction of network failures…

…and NTT Innovative Devices “breaks data speed record” on optical links.

20 Feb 24
Trinity College Dublin lights up cellular activity

Fluorescence lifetime imaging with new dye visualises multiple biological environments.

19 Feb 24
Organic solar cells ‘redefined’ with hemispherical shell design

Researchers in Turkey say novel shape improves energy efficiency and angular coverage.

19 Feb 24
UK’s Cornerstone announces mission to transform silicon photonics

ORC and Bristol to lead new Innovation and Knowledge Centers to take tech from labs to “everyday life”.

15 Feb 24
LMU Munich develops microscopy method that beats resolution limit

“MINFLUX” super-resolution microscopy can track molecules with localization at 1nm precision.

15 Feb 24
Amazec Photonics secures €1.5 million Seed Round from Photon Delta

To develop new generation of circulatory and heart failure detection technology.

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