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TI launches near-infrared DLP for spectroscopy

06 Mar 2014

Versatile, rugged processor and scanner take analysis into field and production line.

Earlier this month, at the Pittcon 2014 expo in Chicago, Il, USA, Texas Instruments launched what it is calling “the first DLP (Digital Light Processing) device optimized for use with near infrared light, and a corresponding evaluation module. Together, the DLP4500NIR and the DLP NIRscan EVM represent the expansion of TI's MEMS technology into the worlds of transmittance and reflective spectroscopy and other markets.

The company says that integrated with DLP technology, spectrometers for use in the food, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and emerging industries will be able to deliver lab-quality performance while operating in the field or on the manufacturing line. "Incorporating DLP technology into our range of OEM spectrometers revolutionizes our approach to classical spectroscopy," said Henrik Skov Andersen, CEO and President, Ibsen Photonics.

"Our new compact programmable polychromator with DLP technology allows pre-dispersive selection of multiple wavelengths for high-speed transmission or absorption measurements, using inexpensive broadband detectors across the VIS-NIR ranges. That ability will enable customers to generate dynamic measurement schemes and algorithms, gain speed and accuracy for critical applications, and protect samples from unnecessary exposure."

Into the field

Mariquita Gordon, DLP Embedded manager at TI, added, "With the new, near infrared DLP platform, spectroscopy equipment designers will be able to develop a whole new class of mobile equipment that moves the sensitivity and accuracy of lab equipment to the field, while reducing their overall system cost."

The company says that the approximately one million digitally programmable micro-mirrors at the heart of DLP technology set the new DLP4500NIR device apart from other components and solutions currently available for NIR spectroscopy. When paired with a single element detector, the DLP4500NIR allows engineers to replace expensive linear detector arrays to create high-performance spectrometer designs, while reducing the typical bill of materials.

Optimized for use with 700 to 2500nm light, the DLP4500NIR can be programmed to select and attenuate multiple wavelengths at speeds up to 4 kHz. The DLP technology architecture also enables improved signal-to-noise ratios greater than 30,000:1 over a set measurement period for faster, more accurate results compared to spectrometers using traditional solutions.

The DLP NIRscan EVM represents a new solution for engineers looking to create a portable, multi-function spectrometer at a lower cost. Offered as the first spectroscopy development platform based on DLP technology, DLP NIRscan includes numerous interfaces for design versatility. Featuring a DLP4500NIR device paired to a DLPC350 digital controller, DLP NIRscan also uses a single-element extended InGaAs detector matched with a transmission sampling module and a halogen lamp.

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