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Asia-Pacific LED lamp sales to grow to $6.7bn by 2019

09 Dec 2014

General Lighting LED lamp consumption in booming region to triple from this year's $2.7bn, predicts ElectroniCast.

In 2014, in the APAC region alone, the consumption value of LED lamps used in general lighting is expected to reach $2.7 billion, increasing to $6.7 billion in 2019. These are the main conclusions of the latest market analysis by ElectroniCast Consultants, Aptos, CA, USA, a market and technology forecast consultancy.

LED lamps are used in a range of functional and decorative light fixtures, with an advantage of energy savings. Compared to incandescent lighting, LED-based solid-state lighting delivers visible light with reduced heat. In addition, its solid-state nature provides for greater resistance to shock, vibration, and wear, significantly increasing its lifespan.

The Electronicast market forecast is segmented into eight major LED Lamp categories and three key end-user categories: government, commercial and industrial, and residential. The study also provides a detailed forecast by geographical segments: China, Korea, Japan and Rest of Asia-Pacific.

ElectroniCast says the consumption value will increase with strongly rising quantity growth partially offset by declining average prices. All values and prices in this report are at factory-levels, and are in current dollars, which include the effect of a forecast 5% annual inflation rate over the forecast period. By general lighting stationary applications, ElectroniCast means lighting that is used to provide the main illumination of an area. This includes directional lighting, supplementary lighting and architectural lighting in the General Lighting category.

In 2014, the exciting-sounding category of “architainment lighting” – a blend of architectural and event lighting - has been added to the general lighting market segment. LED lamps used in signage (digital sign boards) and displays (back-lighting units for LCD/other screens) are not included in the general lighting; however, for the first-time (in 2014) lamps used in display windows or display cases, such as in retail store displays, are now included in general lighting. LEDs in signals (for example traffic signals), portable flashlights (torches) and decorative Christmas lighting are not included in this market analysis.

Exceeded earlier forecast

It is worth noting that this latest forecast for APAC sales value of LED lamps for general lighting significantly exceeds last year's predictions. In August 2013, Electronicast said that the APAC consumption of LED-based general service lamps for general lighting applications would increase to $1.7 billion by 2017, which has already been surpassed in 2014, according to the company.

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