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Wasatch Photonics launches 1300nm OCT system

21 Nov 2013

To provide greater contrast and deeper sub-surface imaging than competitive techniques, company claims.

A new system from optical imaging company Wasatch Photonics could provide greater contrast and deeper sub-surface imaging than competitive techniques, the developer claims. The system could be used in the fields of material inspection and medical diagnosis, including cardiovascular and dermatological research, leading to faster and more accurate analyses.

Wasatch Photonics, based in Logan, UT, USA, has developed a spectral-domain optical coherence tomography system in the 1300 nm wavelength range. The Utah-headquartered firm also has locations in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina and Purdue Research Park.

Mike Sullivan, general manager of Wasatch Photonics, commented, "The new system in the 1300nm range is a result of our continued commitment to optical coherence tomography. Our spectrometers and 800nm systems have been successful beyond our expectations. So now we have developed this equally effective solution in the 1300nm wavelength range to strengthen our commitment to the optical coherence tomography sector."

Sullivan added that the company's new system uses a broadband light source and high efficiency spectrometers. Competing systems often use a laser to generate their images.

New wavelengths - new markets

"Despite the advantages of fewer moving parts and simpler electronics, spectral-domain optical coherence tomography systems have not been widely employed at 1300nm, mainly due to lack of suitable spectrometers in this range," Sullivan said. "Our core strengths in spectrometer and high-throughput grating designs allowed us to provide this solution."

Nishant Mohan, director of product management at Wasatch Photonics, said the new system showcases the company's abilities: "It brings together our strengths in optical engineering, software development and manufacturing demonstrated in earlier generations of 800nm systems. A commercially available 1300nm engine that can operate at the rate of 70 kHz A-lines should open several new applications for optical coherence tomography."

Founded in 2002, Wasatch Photonics Inc. designs, manufactures and markets high-performance Raman spectrometers, Optical Coherence Tomography systems, and enhanced holographic optics for optical networking, spectroscopy, test and measurement, and medical imaging applications.

Its high-performance Volume Holographic Optic Elements and gratings are used in a diverse set of industries, including those in the defense and security, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, energy, education, computer, and electronics markets. Their products are based on proprietary holographic recording media and Dickson grating technologies.

Wasatch Photonics was last year shortlisted in the Prism Awards for its development of the Stroker f/1.3, Raman spectroscopy system designed for low-light applications such as on-line and industrial settings.

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