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LASER 2023: TriEye uses Coherent edge-emitters for all-weather imager

28 Jun 2023

Israeli startup has previously deployed VCSELs in its CMOS-based infrared imagers for cars and industrial robots.

Laser giant Coherent is providing Israel-based TriEye with edge-emitting diodes for use in the startup firm’s short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging technology.

The two companies are demonstrating the results of the collaboration at this week’s LASER World of Photonics trade show, with TriEye set to target the laser-illuminated systems at all-weather applications in the automotive and industrial robotics sectors.

1375 nm laser
The unit on display at the Munich event features a 1375 nm edge-emitting laser for illumination, meaning that it can take advantage of eye safety regulations allowing much higher laser power, while matching the wavelength detection range of TriEye’s CMOS-based SWIR imagers.

“The growing number of use cases for SWIR imaging, which expands vision in automotive and robotics beyond the visible spectrum, is driving demand for low-cost mass-market SWIR cameras,” stated the two companies.

Together with the 1375 nm laser, TriEye’s “spectrum enhanced detection and ranging” (SEDAR) product platform is said to be the first of its kind to hit lower cost points while maintaining very high performance in a broad range of environmental conditions.

“The combination of these attributes is expected to enable wide deployment in applications such as front and rear cameras in cars, as well as vision systems in industrial and autonomous robots,” they announced.

TriEye’s CEO Avi Bakal commented: “This is the next step in the evolution of our technology innovation, which will enable mass-market applications. Our collaboration will allow us to continue revolutionizing sensing capabilities and machine vision by allowing the incorporation of SWIR technology into a greater number of emerging applications.”

All-weather vision
In November 2021, the Israeli startup raised $74 million in a round of venture funding supported by the likes of Samsung, Porsche, and Intel Capital.

It has since collaborated with the top-tier automotive parts provider Hitachi Astemo on a novel infrared sensor for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications, and incorporated 1350 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) in its “Raven” product.

Coherent’s marketing chief Sanjai Parthasarathi said of the move to deploy an edge-emitting source:

“This new solution combines best-in-class SWIR imaging and laser illumination technologies that will enable next-generation cameras to provide images through rain or fog, and in any lighting condition, from broad daylight to total darkness at night.

“Both technologies are produced leveraging high-volume manufacturing platforms that will enable them to achieve the economies of scale required to penetrate markets in automotive and robotics.”

Aside from enabling future automotive cameras that can provide images through inclement weather, the combination is expected to enable autonomous robots to operate around the clock in any lighting conditions, and to switch between indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly.

• TriEye’s SWIR imaging system featuring the surface-mounted laser source from Coherent can be seen at Coherent’s stand (B3.321) during the LASER World of Photonics event.

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