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Heliatek and Triflex offer system for solar power and roof renovation

27 Nov 2023

Newly announced partnership combines solar film maker with water-proofing firm.

Heliatek, a developer of photovoltaics and Triflex, a company that specializes in liquid waterproofing, have announced a new partnership to offer an integrated solution for solar power generation integrated with roof renovation.

The combination of Heliatek's HeliaSol® solar films and Triflex’s liquid-applied waterproofing is said to offer users “a jointly-tested solution to securely seal a roof – extending its lifetime while simultaneously producing clean solar power.”

The joint solution is intended for rooftops with low load bearing capacities as it has the lowest combined weight on the market, is easy and fast to be applied and sets new standards in terms of sustainability, the companies claim.

HeliaSol® solar films are based on thin-film technology called organic photovoltaics, making the films extremely lightweight, thin, and flexible. The sustainability aspect of the solar films is also noteworthy; they do not require rare earth elements, toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium, or scarce raw materials in their production, says Heliatek.

The solar films also have a CO2 footprint of <10 g CO2 e/kWh, making them significantly cleaner than other energy sources such as lignite coal (only 1/100 of the emissions) or silicon-based modules (only 1/6 of the emissions), adds the developer.

Lasting bond

Claiming to be “Europe's leading specialist in PMMA liquid waterproofing systems”, Triflex says it offers optimal solutions for the most complex requirements. Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Heliatek, explained, “With Triflex, we have a strong partner by our side who brings extensive experience in roof surface waterproofing, ensuring a safe and long-term attachment of our products.”

Triflex Product Manager Fabian Meyer said, “Together, we have developed a modular system for our rooftop waterproofing and coating solutions. Every Triflex roof system can be combined with HeliaSol.”

The HeliaSol solar films have undergone extensive testing, including wind suction, voluntary fire testing, and carry a CE marking. The electrical installation of the modules can be undertaken by an authorized professional and does not differ from that of conventional PV modules.

Triflex products can be applied at substrate temperatures as low as -5°C. “The wide processing temperature range allows our solar films to be applied even at low temperatures. This extends the installation period to nearly 12 months a year, internationally,” said van Tartwijk.

Roof surfaces are designed to be durable, unlocking previously unused roofs to generate energy profitably. The investment quickly pays off: these solutions already save the equivalent of CO2 emissions in less than three months that are generated throughout the entire lifecycle, from manufacturing to disposal.

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