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26 Sep 14
UK-led team to build new VLT spectrograph

Instrument to use near-infrared spectroscopy and fiber-optics to create an intergalactic star map.

24 Sep 14
Laser marker dedicated to gunmaking

Specialized pulse configurations for deep material ablation creation of optimal edge quality.

23 Sep 14
Smart glasses maker Vuzix completes Rochester expansion

Upgrade includes tooling for proprietary laser lithography processes.

16 Sep 14
Hyperspectral start-up books Boeing satellites

First commercial order for '502 Phoenix' small satellites will produce high-res spectral data.

15 Sep 14
Photodynamic system approved for retinal diseases

Quantel to begin commercialization of 'Vitra' platform for two sight-damaging conditions.

10 Sep 14
LZH develops hybrid welding of high-strength steels

Inductive preheating enables reliable, single-layer welding of high-strength, fine-grain steels.

09 Sep 14
Additive manufacturing creates space-ready components

EOS laser manufacturing process creates titanium brackets for aerospace applications.

09 Sep 14
Lasers and nuclear power #2: the LaserSnake

Strict safety regulations mean decommissioning is yet to adopt laser cutting – but now UK firms are building the case for its use.

08 Sep 14
Boeing laser demonstrator destroys targets through wind and fog

Latest tests demonstrate laser system’s potential in maritime-style environments.

08 Sep 14
Integrated fluorescence and electron microscope launched

Dutch partnership demos "first" tabletop solution that combines both light- and electron-microscopy methods.

07 Sep 14
Imaging of blood flow reveals effects of drug use

Optical coherence Doppler tomography shows how cocaine damages cerebral blood vessels.

03 Sep 14
Medrobotics Flex system brings cancerous lesions within reach

Robotic-assisted surgical platform promises cost-effective procedures and faster patient recovery.

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