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Pixelated Polarizers

Pixelated Polarizers
Pixelated wire-grid Polarizers
Pixelated polarizers are designed to align with CCD/CMOS camera arrays. Pixelated polarization enables real-time 3D imaging without camera image overlay. Traditional 3D imaging requires two images be taken with different polarizations and two cameras precisely aligned to each other.

The resulting image data must then be carefully overlaid and aligned which requires added time, equipment, space, and precision.

Pixelated polarizers enable real-time, clear imaging when speed and resolution is critical. Pixelated polarizers are designed using Moxtek® Nanowire® Technology and are available as two, three and four-state devices in both visible and IR wavelengths.

Thermal imaging combined with polarization provides enhanced imaging for target identification, facial recognition, and identification of oil on water.

Nanowire® TechnologyBrightness and contrast uniformity
±20˚ AOI without depolarization
Wavelength and AOI independent
Vis and IR wavelengths
PixelationUser defined geometries
Low cross-talk
Accurate registration
Allows for single camera systems

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