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Polarizing Beamsplitter Plates and Cubes

Polarizers Beamspiller Plate
ProFlux® Polarizing Beamsplitters (PBS) are optimized for 45° performance and are ideal many applications including: projection display, imaging, and scientific instruments. Moxtek PBS products have excellent broadband performance with options for both high transmission and high contrast. Moxtek PBS provide uniform performance across a larger AOI and are durable at high temperatures making them ideal for LCoS projection applications.
Nanowire® TechnologyBrightness and contrast uniformity
Excellent for optical designs with f/# Wavelength and AOI independent
InorganicHigh heat resistance
Optical FlatnessImproved wave front error for better channel alignment

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Ice Cubes
Moxtek’s ICE Cube™ is optimized for use over a wide range of acceptance angles while maintaining color uniformity and image contrast in the visible wavelength ranges. The ICE Cube allows compact optical designs with reduced optical paths. Engineers are now able to design smaller systems while maintaining excellent optical performance. The ICE Cube can be optimized for high Index, Contrast, or Efficiency (ICE) and is a superior choice over MacNeille cube designs.
Embedded Wire Grid PolarizerLarge angle of incidence range
Color uniformity over wide range of angles
High Contrast over wide range of angles
High transmission over wide range of angles

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