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Contents: October 2008 edition

01 Oct 2008

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Terahertz success relies on research investment

Terahertz radiation holds great promise for enhanced security systems, industrial inspection and sophisticated spectroscopy. Marie Freebody speaks to Hartmut Roskos to find out about the progress that has been made so far and the key challenges that remain.


Food chains essential for European photonics

Have you ever stopped to think about the factors that have shaped the structure of the European photonics market? Nadya Anscombe asks Arnold Mayer and Alastair Wilson about how the sector can learn from its past mistakes and which markets will shape its future.


Optofluidic microscope shrinks to fit on a chip

An inexpensive and high-resolution microscope has for the first time been engineered to fit onto a single chip. Marie Freebody speaks to Changhuei Yang of Caltech, US, to find out how the device could benefit applications where portability and low cost are essential.


Jenoptik looks to solar for future growth

Michael Mertin is the man responsible for Jenoptik's recent restructure and securing future growth. Jacqueline Hewett asks him how heavily photovoltaics features in these plans.


Ring-down spectroscopy breaks into new markets

Recent developments in cavity ring-down spectroscopy allow the technique to be used in a range of demanding applications. Lisa Bergson and Jerry Riddle bring Tim Hayes up to date.


Innovation enriches high-power diode laser market

The high-power diode laser market is seeing new applications emerge thanks to higher output powers and new emission wavelengths. Jörg Neukum of DILAS looks at recent progress.


Glasses roll aspheres into the mainstream

Precision moulded glass aspheres have made the transition from being exclusively high-cost components to mainstream optics for a variety of imaging applications. Gregg Fales of Edmund Optics looks at the factors that have changed the asphere's fortune.


Focused research keeps Europe at the forefront in photonics

The European Commission regularly invites proposals for photonics research intended to keep Europe competitive. John Magan, deputy head of the EC's Photonics Unit, outlines how the process works.


Going beyond pass/fail optics characterization

The demand for higher quality images using small-diameter optics is fostering competition amongst manufacturers. Xavier Levecq of Imagine Optic tells OLE why its latest product allows industrial R&D teams to push new lens designs through to market more efficiently.

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