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ABTech specializes in engineering ultra-high precision air bearing components; multi-axis and complete turn-key motion solutions for the most challenging production, measurement and inspection applications. Hydrostatic & mechanical options available.

ABTech inc represents over 25 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing ultra-precision motion solutions. We specialize in accuracy levels measured in millionths of an inch (µ"), fractions of a micron and arc seconds (1/3600th of a degree). This technology is applied to air bearings, oil hydrostatic bearings and high precision mechanical bearings as well as multi-axis motion systems and complete turn-key solutions for your most challenging production, inspection and measurement applications.

Air bearing motion systems are often the baseline to which other ultra-precision components are compared or manufactured. Whether for highly accurate geometry measurements, precise diamond machining, semi-conductor wafer scanning and inspection or optical lens alignment and grinding applications ABTech inc offers a complete range of rotary, linear and multi-axis bearing systems, components and accessories.

Our mission is to apply our specialized skills, experience and technical capabilities to any application requiring the highest precision motion. With a successful track record for high quality custom design and engineered bearings solutions we have developed a standard product offering that may solve your problem, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you on your ultra-precision challenges demanding a unique solution. We believe that our collective experience, commitment, ethics, pride in precision and accountability, in combination with exceptional support to our customers is a recipe for success for all involved.

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