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20 Nov 2003

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a thin-disk laser design and an EUV-emitting plasma.

•  Title: Laser beam source with a laser element containing a thin crystal disk as a laser active medium
Applicant: Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH, Germany
International application number: WO 03/094312
German laser maker Rofin-Sinar is trying to patent a special design of thin-disk laser. Specifically the company says that the aim of its invention is to mechanically stabilize and improve the thermal contact between the cooling element and the crystal disk. This involves sandwiching a cooling disk between the crystal disk and the laser’s cooling element.

•  Title: Optically pumped semiconductor laser device
Applicant: Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Germany
International application number: WO 03/094311
Patent application WO 03/094311 describes a vertical-emitting, optically-pumped semiconductor laser. The device itself uses a central waveguide structure which contains a quantum well structure. A light source, which also contains a waveguide structure, pumps the quantum well layers. Osram says that the width of the central and pump waveguides are adapted to ensure that the vertical emitter’s quantum well structure is pumped in a uniform manner.

•  Title: Method of generating extreme ultraviolet radiation
Applicant: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V, Germany
International application number: WO 03/094581
Philips is trying to patent the composition of the material it uses to generate a plasma that emits extreme ultraviolet light. The company says that the radiant material should consist of at least one halogenide of the metals lithium, indium, tin, antimony, tellurium, aluminium and/or a halogen 5 and/or an inert gas, with the exception of halogenides of chlorine and fluorine.

•  Title: A method and apparatus relating to optical fibres
Applicant: Blazephotonics Limited, UK
International application number: WO 03/093884
Introducing metallic or semiconducting regions into the cladding of a photonic crystal fiber (PCF) may result in a more robust bandgap, according to Blazephotonics, the authors of patent application WO 03/093884. The PCF specialist says that the added components could be embedded into an insulating matrix material or into the PCF’s core. “For example, the core region may comprise a semiconductor region that provides gain or a semiconductor region that is a saturable absorber,” say the application’s authors.

Jacqueline Hewett is news reporter on Optics.org and Opto & Laser Europe magazine.

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