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Knight Optical's Wide Range of High-Precision Prisms

10 May 2024

Step into the world of precision optics with Knight Optical – your go-to destination for a diverse range of high-quality prisms. With a legacy of excellence and innovation, Knight Optical offers an extensive array of prisms meticulously crafted to meet the demands of diverse applications across industries.

Discover our vast selection of prisms designed to cater to every optical need:

  • Amici Prisms: Perfect for telescope eyepieces and endoscopes, these versatile prisms rotate beams by 90° while ensuring accurate image inversion.
  • Corner Cube Prisms: Precision retroreflectors offering exceptional parallelism for beam steering and surveying applications.
  • Dove Prisms: Experience image rotation with ease in astronomy and interferometry applications, thanks to the unique characteristics of dove prisms.
  • Equilateral Prisms: Ideal for wavelength separations and rainbow pattern effects, these prisms deliver reliable performance across various wavelengths.
  • Fresnel Prisms: Utilising the stepped surface approach of Fresnel lenses, these prisms offer efficient beam deviation with minimal distortion.
  • UV & IR Prisms: From ATR to Germanium, explore our range of prisms tailored for UV, visible, and NIR applications, meticulously tested for quality assurance.
  • Light Pipe Homogenising Rods: Achieve uniform illumination with our hexagonal and tapered homogenising rods, enhancing the performance of your optical systems.
  • Pellin-Broca Prisms: Get precise wavelength selection and high transmission for polarised light, essential for a wide range of applications.
  • Penta Prisms: Navigate beam steering and range finding effortlessly with our high-quality deviating penta prisms, perfect for metrological applications.
  • Porro Prisms: Reduce binocular length and orientate images correctly with our reliable Porro prisms, trusted in optical devices worldwide.
  • Rhomboid Prisms: Experience lateral beam displacement with our reflecting prisms, customisable to meet your unique specifications.
  • Right Angle Prisms: Bend, reflect, and displace light with ease using our precision-grade prisms available in various coatings and materials.

Every product undergoes rigorous testing in our cutting-edge metrology lab, ensuring it matches the most demanding specifications. Our QA team meticulously checks for imperfections, guaranteeing top-tier quality before dispatch.

We are committed to providing our customers with both high-quality products and excellent service. Contact our UK and US teams today and experience true precision, quality and innovation.

Europe, UK, Asia & RoW:

Email:  info@knightoptical.co.uk

Telephone: +44 1622 859 444

USA & Canada:

Email:  usasales@knightoptical.com

Telephone: +1 401-583-78

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