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Total Station Autocollimator

10 May 2024

Duma Optronics offers a new type of electronic autocollimator system:

An upgraded device based on our already mature technology for testing and adjusting fully integrated systems, including mechanics, optics and lasers.

Emerging opto-mechatronics AR/VR industry has introduced special application requirements, including:

-Inter alignment and testing of lasers, optics, mechanics and electronic sensors

-Accurate angular optical measurements with resolution of 0.01 arc sec, or better. The Autocollimator’s accuracy is 1 sec.

-Implementing fusion of several wavelengths including NIR into one system

-Measurements of mechanical dimensions from remote

-Centering & Alignment

-Measurements of multi laser array such as VCSEL in respect with other optical sensors

-Straightness measurement – up to 2.5m

The Total Station Autocollimator does it all and much more, including projection of virtual objects from a user defined distance.

It is a high resolution system of down to 0.01 arc sec (or0.05 µRad) with a clear aperture of 36mm.

Equipped with Pan & Tilt adjusting mechanics and a built-in computer controlled laser pointer for easy alignment.

Far Field and Near Field optical measurements can be conducted.

Spectral range covered is 350-1100nm, a variety of internal LEDs combination is offered.

The Autocollimator’s accuracy is 1 Sec. The focusing distance is calibrated from 17.5cm to infinity.

USB3.0 device, OS Win 10/11, provided with a full application software as well as DLL for integration at customer’s application program.

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