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Frankfurt Laser Company Unveils New High-Power Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes

10 May 2024

Frankfurt Laser Company, a global leader in laser technology solutions, launches its new series of high-power fiber coupled laser diodes, setting a new standard in the laser industry. The innovative 9XXnm High Power Fiber-coupled Laser Diodes are crafted to optimize fiber laser pump source applications, delivering unmatched efficiency, compactness, and brightness.

A New Era in Laser Technology

Frankfurt Laser Company's latest offerings are engineered with cutting-edge coupling technologies and advanced thermal management systems. These enhancements ensure that the diodes not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of modern laser applications.

"Our new 9XXnm series is a game-changer for the laser technology sector," said Dr. Vsevolod Mazo, CEO of Frankfurt Laser Company. "These high-power diodes are not just powerful and efficient, they are also remarkably compact, making them ideal for integration into a variety of systems."

Product Features

  • Power Levels: The new diodes are available in a range of power levels, from 100W up to an impressive 1 kW, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial, medical, and research needs.
  • Compact Size: The ultra-compact, OEM-friendly package allows for easy integration into existing and new systems, providing flexibility and convenience to manufacturers.
  • Fiber Core Diameter: Customers can choose between fiber core diameters of 100µm and 220µm, ensuring optimal performance across various applications.

Diverse Applications

The versatility of these diodes makes them ideal for numerous applications:

  • Fiber Laser Pumping: Enhancing the performance and efficiency of fiber lasers.
  • Laser Material Processing: Ideal for cutting, engraving, and other material processing techniques.
  • Medical Technologies: Supporting advanced medical procedures and research.
  • Scientific Research: Enabling new discoveries and innovations in scientific exploration.


The new range of high-power fiber coupled laser diodes is available for order immediately. For more information and specifications, please visit Frankfurt Laser Company's website or contact its sales team directly.

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