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Polarization Analyzer for fiber optic and free beam applications

06 Jan 2023

The Polarization Analyzers of series SK010PA are comprehensive universal measurement and test systems for free beam applications and fiber-coupled laser radiation.

As a plug&play devices they connect to the USB port of a standard computer. Alignments and measurements are performed rapidly. A real-time interactive display shows the state of polarization on a Poincaré sphere and on a polarization ellipse as well as the degree of polarization. Special routines that determine the polarization extinction ratio of fiber-coupled sources allow the evaluation of the alignment of polarization-maintaining fibers for sources with high coherence.

In free beam applications, a particular state of polarization can be adjusted by means of the polarization analyzer, for example in circularly polarized beams, which can be generated with a fiber collimator with a manually adjustable, integrated quarter wave plate.

The polarization analyzer is compatible with the microbench/cage system. The standard delivery includes the software as well as a fiber adapter for FC-APC connectors. Other connector adapters and/or microbench adapters for different diameter optics can also be supplied.

The polarization analyzer is available for various wavelength ranges (UV: 375-450nm, UVIS: 400-700nm, VIS: 450-800nm, NIR: 700-1100nm, IR: 1100-1660nm). The compact design of SK010PA, with the communication and power supply via USB 2.0 and full remote control via DLL support enables its easy integration within existing systems. It completes the fiber optic products offered by Schäfter+Kirchhoff including fiber-coupled laser sources, laser beam couplers, fiber collimators, polarization-maintaining fibers and vacuum feed-throughs.

For more information and a product video please see:


An article on the polarization analyzer can be found in the Photonics Views – Volume 18, Issue 3, pages 74-78, June/July 2021 or here:


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