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14 Jan 2022

C-BLUE One is a high speed, low noise, global shutter “snapshot” scientific camera specifically designed for demanding imaging applications in the visible range (400 nm – 1000 nm).  The camera can be cooled down to 10°C with air cooling (fan) and thermalized below 0°C with an externalcooling plate for demanding applications. 

The architecture of the camera has been designed to integrate one of three different new generation industrial sensors: thanks to this flexible design, C-BLUE One is able to cover the largest scope of applications. Exceeding the industrial purpose of these detectors, First Light Imaging takes full advantageof their extensive possibilities, pushing them to their limits, and integrating them into a high-performance scientific grade camera.

C-BLUE One: a tailored camera
C-BLUE One is a flexible solution for multiple applications. The camera can be tailored to be the best pixel size, resolution, and frame rate compromise for your use case:

  • C-BLUE One 1.7MP: based on a full resolution 1608 x 1104 (1.7 MP) CMOS sensor with 9µm pixel
    pitch, the camera offers 662 frames per second (FPS) in full frame in 8 bits.

  • C-BLUE One 0.5MP: an optimized frame rate of 1594 FPS full frame in 8 bits, with this camera
    based on an 812 x 612 (0.5 MP) CMOS sensor with 9µm pixel pitch.

  • C-BLUE One 7.0MP: a 3208 x 2200 (7 MP) CMOS sensor with 4.5µm pixel pitch when resolution
    matters, and a frame rate of 207 FPS full frame in 8 bits.

C-BLUE One is ideal for dynamic imaging
In addition, all C-BLUE One cameras offer a very low readout noise under 3e- enabling imaging in ultralow light conditions, simultaneously with a global shutter architecture.  This combination of high speed, sensitivity and global shutter makes the C-BLUE One cameras a game changer for fast scientific imaging, allowing the acquisition of motion artefact free images, combining high
temporal resolution and high sensitivity.

The camera offers both Coaxpress 2.0 - CXP10x2 connection and 10 GigaBit Ethernet (available early 2022) interfaces and is GenICam compatible. It is integrated in the First Light Vision Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is cross-platform. To help programmers develop their own user interface, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is also provided.

C-BLUE: a full range of visible cameras from First Light Imaging
Designed for both scientific and industrial applications where sensitivity, speed, dynamic and resolution
are crucial, easy as plug-and-play, the C-BLUE range of cameras from First Light Imaging offers an
advanced solution for every application and every budget.

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