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Amora Series Custom LED Microscopy Illumination

14 Jan 2022

The Amora Series is a custom microscopy illumination platform from CoolLED, a global expert in the generation and delivery of LED light.  

Since 2006 when CoolLED launched the first commercially available LED light source for fluorescence microscopy, the technology has rapidly evolved to offer a high-performance alternative to traditional lamps. A diverse range of systems are now available to suit the most popular requirements, and the CoolLED Amora Series is ideal for customers requiring a customised LED illumination solution.  

What is the Amora Series?

The Amora Series draws from the high-performance technology established with the successful CoolLED off-the-shelf LED Illumination Systems, known as the pE-Series. Many areas of flexibility are offered with the Amora platform, including:

  • Spectral coverage (from 340-850 nm, in two to 16 discrete channels).
  • Light delivery for interfacing the light source to the instrument.  
  • Control and Connectivity, with many sophisticated options for controlling illumination properties through connections such as software or TTL.
  • Performance Criteria to ensure the solution is designed to match system requirements.
  • Compliance Certification to meet requirements such as FDA approval.

The Amora Series goes beyond a product, and customers work side by side with engineering experts at CoolLED to develop an LED illumination system which matches the exact requirements.

Why choose the Amora Series?

  1. Reliability – CoolLED products are famous for their reliability and have had many years to prove it, being trusted experts in LED illumination technology since 2006.
  2. Production Speed – Using proven off-the-shelf technology and focusing on selected features allows a prototype to be created on much tighter timescales.
  3. Expert support – The Amora Series is also backed by CoolLED’s world-renowned support and a market-leading 36-month warranty.

For more information or for applications demanding an especially unique solution, please contact CoolLED:



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