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Product Announcement

Notch filters

12 Aug 2021

Notch filters are commonly used in applications such as Raman laser spectroscopy, to protect eyesight, and as attachable filters for cameras.  Notch filters are blocking filters, allowing light from a large band to pass through while blocking a small defined band of wavelengths. 

At the centre wavelength the blocking is >OD4 or >OD6, whereas all other wavelengths outside of the blocking range are allowed to pass with >90% transmission.  Depending on the wavelength, the band width of the blocking range typically covers 10nm to 70nm.

In addition to our standard range of notch filters, LASER COMPONENTS offers custom solutions for less common wavelengths, as well as multi-notch designs for multiple blocking bands.  Like all our filters, notch filters are offered in a range of sizes and mounting configurations.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/notch-filters/

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