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Optical Cylindrical Lens

11 Aug 2021

A cylindrical optical lens is typically used to focus, condense or expand incoming light.  A cylindrical optical lens has one cylindrical surface, causing light to be focussed in a single dimension or axis.  It can also be used to expand the output of a laser diode into a symmetrical beam. Cylindrical optical lenses are technically more difficult to manufacture than spherical or flat lenses which is why BRD Optical uses state-of-the-art polishing techniques alongside stringent lens assessment to manufacture each lens.

A cylindrical optical lens is typically rectangular, square, or circular and of either a plano-convex or plano-concave design. BRD Optical's cylindrical optical lenses combine low wedge with high surface accuracy. As one of the best optical components manufacturers, we assess the quality of each individual lens using Trioptics centration measurement and a Zygo GPI interferometer.  All BRD Optical lenses are available both uncoated or coated with a broad range of high durability, low loss AR coatings, and can be manufactured to 20-10 surface roughness. 

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