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CTO Coating

11 Aug 2021

CTO coating means conductive transparent oxide coating.

Yutai's ITO(indium tin oxide) coatings provide excellent optical transmission. They are used for touch screens as well as for organic LEDs (OLED) and LCD-displays in digital devices. Furthermore, they represent a perfect solution for the manufacturing of  transparent electrodes, integrated invisible flat antennas in mobile communication devices, anti-static glass, heating- and de-icing windows, organic solar cells, and a wide range of similar applications. Indium tin oxide coatings can also be used to make IR-mirrors and FIR-filters because ITO coatings with low surface resistance and high film thickness have a good reflection in the upper infrared wavelength range.

Yutai offers a wide range for ITO plates in stock:
ITO Glass Resistivity:7-10ohm/sq, Thick 0.4/ 0.5/ 0.7/ 0.8/ 1.0/ 1.1/ 1.5/ 1.8/ 2.0mm;
ITO Glass Resistivity:5ohm/sq, 4-6ohm/sq, 3-5ohm/sq,Thick 3mm;
ITO Glass Resistivity:25ohm/sq,Thick 4mm.

    Yutai's Fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) coated glass is electrically conductive for applications such as opto-electronics, touch screen displays, thin film photovoltaics, energy-saving windows, RFI/EMI shielding and other electro-optical and insulating applications.

Yutai offers a wide range for FTO plates in stock:
FTO Glass T1.1mm, Resistivity: 15-20ohm/sq;   
FTO Glass T2.2mm, Resistivity: 7-8ohm/sq, 6-10ohm/sq and 14-15ohm/sq;  
FTO Glass T1.6mm, Resistivity: 14-15ohm/sq.

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