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Optatec in Focus
Optatec Focus

Optatec In Focus

Working in partnership with P.E. Schall, Optatec in Focus is the ONLY official exhibition and magazine for the Optatec trade fair and functions as a crucial channel for manufacturers and suppliers alike.

The combination of highly respected editorial from optics.org and targeted distribution to the attendees of Europe’s largest optical fabrication show makes Optatec In Focus an essential marketing resource that delivers targeted marketing to 1000s of industry professionals.

Packed full of essential information for all attendees, Optatec In Focus is your most direct way to communicate with potential customers, promote products and elevate brand awareness.

Optatec In Focus magazine includes indispensable information:
  • Complete Exhibition Guide and map
  • Industry program
  • Latest news from the photonics industry with interviews from key figures
  • Exhibitor product news
  • Recruitment opportunities
Comprehensive distribution:
  • Sent digitally in advance of Optatec to over 6500 current and past attendees (The digital version will be sent out 2 weeks before the show)
  • 3000 printed copies distributed throughout the show – Bonus distribution from the main entrance and throughout the exhibition hall.
  • Hosted on the optics.org website for 12 months
  • Promoted to all the users of optics.org (30,000+)
  • Promoted to all subscribers of the optics.org eNewsletter (20,000+)

Optatec in Focus is the official magazine and exhibition guide for the 2024 Optatec show, Frankfurt 14 – 16th May.

Welcome to the official magazine and exhibition guide for the Optatec trade fair

The Optatac In Focus magazine is your essential guide to the show including interviews with key figures in industry, exhibitor guide and show plan, and industry sessions taking place throughout the week.

Check out the highlights, along with the latest news, review the exhibitors and the industry program here:

  • Q&A with P.E Schall MD Bettina Schall
  • Optatec Technology Park: training and research and studying photonics
  • Photonics in manufacturing: throwing lithography a curve
  • LHZ develops fast, precise, and wearfree process for laser drilling CFRP
  • Fraunhofer ILT announces ‘dawn of laser-based optics production'
  • Trade fair program: technical presentations and webcasts
  • SPIE Global Industry Report highlights strength of the photonics industry
  • Optatec Product Focus, provided by optics.org
  • Optatec 2024 Hall 3.1 Exhibition Floor Plan
  • Optatec 2024 Exhibitor Directory
  • Schott produces ‘greener’ optical glass with 100% hydrogen


Optatec 2024

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