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WaveOptics and Goertek sign manufacturing agreement

29 Nov 2018

To enable affordable mass-production of optical waveguides for integration into augmented reality wearables.

WaveOptics, a developer of diffractive waveguides, based in Abingdon, UK, has signed an exclusive waveguide production partnership with Goertek, headquartered in Weifang, China, a high-tech consumer electronics design and manufacturing company.

This partnership is intended to enable high volume manufacturing of WaveOptics’ diffractive waveguides for augmented reality (AR) wearables, such as “smart glasses”, at a price point to reach the mass market. “Waveguides are the key optical component in AR wearables,” stated WaveOptics.

AR wearables enable users to see computer-generated images overlaid on top of the view of the real world. There are two key elements that allow these images to be seen – a light source such as a minute projector and a method of transferring the image from the projector into the user’s eyes.

Direct projection to the eye

WaveOptics’ waveguide technology transfers the light waves from the light source and projects them directly into the user’s eye. The technology produces a large “eye-box” binocular viewing and a high field of view. The eye-box (i.e. the viewing window) is the size of the AR display from which the full image is visible.

WaveOptics technology is designed to be used for immersive AR experiences in Industrial, enterprise and consumer markets. The company is aiming for its waveguides to be the core optical component used in AR wearable devices, driven by its technology and expertise, which suits numerous applications.

David Hayes, CEO WaveOptics, commented, “This exclusive partnership with Goertek is another significant milestone for us, as it provides the opportunity to deliver our superior waveguide technology, at a mass market price point for AR wearables.

“Goertek is one of the leading global manufacturers in AR/VR. Its experience, global positioning, capability and knowledge is integral to the partnership and this agreement is an endorsement of our technology. Our waveguides are now ready for mass deployment. We can supply our rapidly growing customer pipeline with mass market priced waveguides. This agreement reflects the real momentum within our business.”

Long Jiang, CEO Goertek, said, “As a key player in the OEM/ODM industry for VR/AR products, we have been following the development trend for AR optics. WaveOptics’ unique waveguide technology has demonstrated its superior image quality as well as manufacturing potential. We are delighted to team up with WaveOptics to provide a volume production solution of superior performance waveguides for our potential customers in the AR market.”

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