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Photonics Industries expands sites in China and US

19 Feb 2014

Also launches new ultraviolet nanosecond laser.

Photonics Industries International, based in Bohemia, NY, USA, has announced the expansion of its Suzhou, China-based sales and service office to meet its "growing market presence and global demand for diode-pumped solid state laser products".

To support this recent growth the company has been experiencing in the industrial and scientific laser markets in Asia, the company recently completed a 2500m2 building in Suzhou, China. Photonics Industries has subsidiaries in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, the latter known as Photonics Industries China (PIC).

A PIC spokesman commented, "The new building has extensive clean room facilities and will increase our factory authorized service network in China. At the same time, Photonics Industries headquarters in New York has also recently completed the purchase of a 6200 m2 building in Ronkonkoma, New York to increase our US manufacturing capacity."

Launches high power UV laser

The company has just released an ultraviolet nanosecond laser - DSH-355-25 - which delivers up to 30W of intracavity harmonic average power at 355nm from a compact, rugged, monolithic laser head.

Photonics Industries' patented intracavity UV generation technology features non-consumable THG crystals that require no crystal indexing. The design allows for a simpler optical resonator for better stability insensitive to ambient temperature changes. The more efficient harmonic conversion achieved by intracavity UV generation is said to enable lighter and smaller laser heads.

The mobile device market is demanding higher throughput industrial laser micromaching application such as flexible PCB cutting and wafer scribing which are readily served by Photonics Industries’ higher power Intracavity UV lasers.

The company commented, "The introduction of our high power Intracavity UV ns lasers is the latest achievement since our earlier introduction of our DM100-527, the highest pulse energy 100mJ YLF lasers available. That model produces up to100mJ in a single polarization from a single head configuration. Applications range from ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifier pumping and particle image velocimetry to annealing semiconductor materials for the power industry."

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