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13 Jun 24
Emergent Photonics Research Centre opens at Loughborough University…

…and Southampton secures £4.6M EPSRC grant to develop X-ray microscope.

11 Jun 24
SPIE Astro2024: Dark-sky spaces and a bright future for Africa

Charles Takalana of the African Astronomical Society to discuss the evolution of astronomy across the continent.

06 Jun 24
ESA reports first laser metal 3D printing in space

“One small s-curve deposited in steel on the ISS, one giant leap for in-orbit manufacturing.”

04 Jun 24
NASA astrophysics: new discoveries create new questions

Mark Clampin of NASA to discusses the future of astrophysics at NASA at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation in Yokohama, next week.

04 Jun 24
ASML and imec open high-NA EUV lithography lab

Facility at ASML's Veldhoven headquarters offers access to the first prototype high-NA EUV scanner.

31 May 24
Webb team spots most distant galaxy

NIRSpec instrument shows record-breaking red-shift of starlight, corresponding to 290 million years after the Big Bang.

30 May 24
Emmanuel Macron visits Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems

President of France joins German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier as research ties are strengthened.

22 May 24
AAC Clyde Space to commercialize TNO’s laser terminal for satellite comms

With FSO Instruments supplying key component; promises new supply chain for this technology.

22 May 24
U.S. DoE to invest $71M in solar technology development...

...and EPFL develops new method based on machine-learning to find 14 new PV materials.

21 May 24
NASA astrophysics: Peering into the future

John O’Meara of W. M. Keck Observatory discusses astrophysics at NASA ahead of his presentation at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2024.

17 May 24
Photonics21 AGM: Light-based business beats global trends

Despite geopolitical challenges significantly affecting international trade.

15 May 24
Aston University develops lidar for crop monitoring

Funding from UK Royal Society will support improved polarimetric lidar platform.

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