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17 Nov 22
JWST MIRI instrument reveals details of distant galaxies

Mid-IR observations will boost knowledge of key period in galaxy development.

31 Oct 22
Halloween special: ESO captures ‘ghost’ of Vela supernova remnant...

Newly published 554-million-pixel image gives detailed view of spooky supernova.

20 Oct 22
Webb wows with new view of the 'Pillars of Creation'

Near-infrared camera on board JWST is able to peer through the towers of interstellar dust captured in Hubble’s iconic image.

12 Oct 22
Registration opens for SPIE Photonics West 2023

It's time to make plans to attend the world’s largest annual photonics conference and exhibition, from 28 January to 2 February.

10 Oct 22
Micledi and Kura partner to develop AR glasses

Custom microLEDs for high performance products, scaling with partners including GlobalFoundries and TSMC.

06 Oct 22
Micron Technology to invest up to $100 billion to build megafab in New York

Sustainably built and operated, leading-edge memory fab would create nearly 50,000 jobs.

05 Oct 22
Physics Nobel Prize honors pioneers in quantum entanglement

Winning trio from Europe and USA are recognized for “setting in motion quantum information science”.

05 Oct 22
Israel's Kitov.ai wins VISION 2022 Award

Automated inspection planning system impresses judging panel at Stuttgart show.

05 Oct 22
SPIE photonics summit opens dialogue with US Government

Meeting in Washington in mid-September highlights industry’s role in re-shoring chip making and more.

04 Oct 22
Near-infrared platform images carbon dioxide in aero-engine plume

University of Strathclyde captures chemically-specific imaging data from commercial gas turbine.

21 Sep 22
Planet Labs goes into the infrared with hyperspectral offering

New constellation will provide satellite imagery showing methane gas emissions and more.

15 Sep 22
US Space Command launches partnership with Arizona

Research – including optics and photonics specialisms – could yield benefits for wider global markets.

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