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CUbit Quantum Initiative welcomes first four strategic industry allies

18 Feb 2022

Colorado Boulder-led CUbit Quantum Initiative joined by SPIE, Atom Computing, ColdQuanta, and Meadowlark Optics.

The University of Colorado Boulder’s CUbit Quantum Initiative has this week welcomed the first four strategic industry allies to formally join as CUbit Innovation Partners: Atom Computing, ColdQuanta, Meadowlark Optics, and SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics.

The CUbit Innovation Partners program, part of the initiative’s vision since its founding in 2019, is a key component of CUbit's plan to cultivate mutually beneficial collaborations with quantum-intensive enterprises. The strategic partnerships are intended to expand and accelerate CU Boulder’s quantum efforts, including by providing insights related to research and training, and collaborating on workforce development programs.

Philip Makotyn, executive director of the CUbit Quantum Initiative, commented, “Building on existing relationships, the program is an important step bringing together academics, national labs and industry to build a strong quantum ecosystem. The new members represent an important step supporting the national priority of quantum technologies.”

Rob Hays, CEO, Atom Computing, added, “Atom Computing has joined forces with the CUbit Quantum Initiative to drive critical R&D and talent development in Quantum Information Science. As a member of the CUbit Advisory board, we will leverage our deep ties across CU Boulder and collaboration with other ecosystem players as a springboard to accelerate large-scale quantum computing, helping researchers and scientists reach their next big breakthrough.”

Partner contributions

Each of the partners offers individual contributions to the Front Range quantum ecosystem:

  • Atom Computing was founded by Ben Bloom, PhD in Physics from CU Boulder, and is advised by Dr. Jun Ye, professor of physics and fellow at JILA and NIST. Atom built its first 100-qubit quantum computer, Phoenix, with world-record coherence times in less than two years. The company is on a mission to build the most scalable and reliable quantum computers.
  • ColdQuanta is a global quantum technology company solving the world’s most challenging problems. Founded by Dana Z. Anderson, professor at CU Boulder and fellow at JILA, ColdQuanta harnesses quantum mechanics to build and integrate quantum computers, sensors and networks. From fundamental physics to leading edge commercial products, ColdQuanta enables “quantum everywhere” through its ecosystem of devices and platforms.
  • Meadowlark Optics designs and manufactures polarization products including waveplates, liquid crystal components and polarizers. These optics provide needed control of polarization in quantum systems and experiments. Meadowlark is a key member of the quantum information science and technology supply chain and a longstanding member of the Colorado quantum community.
  • SPIE is the international society for optics and photonics (and publisher of optics.org). Over the past five years, SPIE has contributed more than $22 million to the international optics community through advocacy and support, including scholarships, educational resources, travel grants, endowed gifts and public-policy development.

Scott Faris, ColdQuanta CEO, commented, “The quantum industry is moving at lightning speed, and we believe investing in CU Boulder is critical to advancing quantum information science and technology. Its world-renowned researchers and interdisciplinary educational approach are enabling the next generation of quantum professionals.”

About the CUbit Quantum Initiative

The CUbit Quantum Initiative is an interdisciplinary hub designed to reinforce Colorado’s prominence in quantum information science and technology, partners with regional universities and laboratories, links closely with quantum-intensive companies, and serves a spectrum of local, regional and national interests, including workforce development.

Founded on a local triad of CU Boulder, NIST quantum researchers (as a core component of JILA) and Front Range companies, CUbit is advancing fundamental science and building a strong foundation for novel quantum technologies and their rapid dissemination, application and commercialization.

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