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Photonics21 reports on group research to identify priorities for Horizon Europe

17 Feb 2022

Preliminary list of project proposals based on inputs from 1,500 European photonics experts at 10 virtual meetings held in 2021.

More than 1,500 participants have taken part in the Photonics21 workshop series between September and November, 2021. The aim was to identify the research and innovation priorities within the framework of Horizon Europe, the European Commission’s €95 billion research and innovation funding program running through 2027.

Ten virtual workshops took place at the end of last year in which more than 1,500 experts from the European photonics community provided their input and ideas to Horizon Europe’s work program.

Photonics21 has just published the preliminary priority list as agreed upon by the private side of the public-private partnership. The list is subject to change during the final evaluation process within the EC and the member states. There are two types of partnerships identified: “Photonics Partnerships” and “Outside Photonics Partnerships” as detailed below:

Photonics Partnerships

  • Horizon-CL4-2023-Digital-Emerging-01-01-photonics01: Pervasive photonics - multi-technology integration for digital infrastructure, sensors and internet of things (RIA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2024-Digital-Emerging -01-01-photonics02: Advanced imaging and sensing technologies (IA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2023-Digital-Emerging-01-01-photonics03: Versatile light sources and systems as tools for manufacturing and medical application (RIA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2024-Digital-Emerging-01-01-photonics04: Smart photonics for joint communication & sensing and access everywhere (RIA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2024-Digital-Emerging-01-01-photonics05: Photonics Innovation Factory for Europe (IA).
  • Horizon-CL4-202x-Digital-Emerging-01-01-photonics06: Photonic Strategies and Skills Development (CSA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2023-Digital-Emerging-01-01-photonics07: Advanced Photonics for Health Care (IA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2024-Digital-Emerging-01-01-photonics08: Green and efficient lighting for future mobility (IA)

Outside Photonics Partnerships

  • Horizon-CL4-2023[2024]-Twin-Transition-01-02: High-precision, flexible and sustainable production of complex products – including with the use of lasers (Made in Europe and Photonics Partnerships) (IA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2023-Digital-Emerging-01-46: Enabling Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuit technology for quantum technologies (RIA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2023-Resilience-01-43: Boosting generation and diffusion of advanced technologies in SMEs based on a supply chain model (IA).
  • Horizon-CL4-2023-Human-01-21: Next Generation eXtended Reality (RIA)/

For more information about Horizon Europe and its potential for photonics research and development projects across Europe, read the feature article ”European Commission pledges €480 million for photonics” in Photonics West Show Daily (page 9 in the issue of January 27th, 2022.

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