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Flir software ‘improves medical temperature screening’

09 Jun 2020

Screen-ESTTM package intended for high-throughput situations; 50% faster than before; now installed at Pentagon.

Flir Systems has launched its new Flir Screen-ESTTM software, designed for Flir's T-Series, Exx-Series, and A-Series thermal imaging cameras. The software provides what the developer calls "automatic measurement tools that perform elevated skin temperature screenings of individuals in two seconds or less at entries, checkpoints, and other high-traffic areas while maintaining recommended social distancing guidelines."

Jim Cannon, President and CEO, commented,“Governments and businesses across the globe are hard at work developing new processes to ensure public health and safety from Covid-19, including the use of radiometric thermal imaging cameras as part of a comprehensive frontline screening program. With our Screen-EST software, those organizations can increase the speed and accuracy of frontline screening when using Flir’s thermal cameras.”

The Screen-EST software is designed to automatically take a skin temperature measurement near the tear duct of each target person, the surface area most closely correlated to core body temperature. When used in tandem with T-Series, Exx-Series, or A-Series cameras, the software enables screening of individuals to occur 50 percent faster than Flir's previous on-camera screening mode, accelerating throughput in settings such as office building entry points.

If the software detects a skin temperature that exceeds a threshold set above the baseline average, Screen-EST will notify the operator and display or sound an audible alarm on the subject’s viewing monitor. The individual then should be directed to a secondary medical screening. The system automatically takes skin temperature samples at the screening location to determine an average skin temperature baseline.

Adjusts for regular fluctuations

It then adds additional samples throughout the day. This relative temperature screening method helps account for regular body temperature fluctuations caused by natural biological and external environmental factors, thus reducing the amount of inaccurate readings that can impact absolute temperature alarm systems.

The software is designed for Windows-based laptops and desktops. It offers a plug-and-play connection for Flir's thermal imaging cameras and can be installed within minutes. This gives flexibility for operators to easily move locations or to quickly detach the camera for other purposes, including facilities maintenance or machine inspection.

This system is intended for “frontline skin temperature screening only,” poiyning outt that they do not detect fevers, viruses or any specific medical ailment. The launch statement adds, “Anyone who exhibits an elevated skin temperature must receive secondary screenings conducting by medical personnel with medical-grade equipment to determine a diagnosis.”

EST screening solution installed at Pentagon

Flir has also announced the installation of its EST system at the Visitor Center at The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. – the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense. The integrated EST screening solution, the A700 EST-IS, features the A700 thermal imaging camera. The system is being used to screen visitors for elevated or higher than expected skin temperatures, to help guard against the spread of Covid-19.

This news follows statements made by CEO Jim Cannon on a recent earnings call that the company had booked roughly $100 million in new EST business in the first quarter of 2020. More recently, General Motors announced it will use Flir cameras at many of its sites to screen workers in an effort to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The software for T-Series cameras is available for purchase for $595, €595, and £499 on Flir's website and through authorized distributors. Screen-EST software for Exx-Series and A-Series will be available later this month, June.

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