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21 Sep 22
Planet Labs goes into the infrared with hyperspectral offering

New constellation will provide satellite imagery showing methane gas emissions and more.

15 Sep 22
US Space Command launches partnership with Arizona

Research – including optics and photonics specialisms – could yield benefits for wider global markets.

15 Sep 22
Newly-merged Coherent wins transceiver deal for DARPA’s Space-BACN program

Recently acquired by II-VI and rebranded, firm also launches micro-pump lasers for broadband optical access networks.

14 Sep 22
Zeiss microscope team shortlisted for German Future Prize

Lattice lightsheet system based around earlier work by Nobel winner Eric Betzig probes living cells without damaging them.

13 Sep 22
Hamamatsu and Fraunhofer ILT set up lab for material processing

Partners develop industrial processing spatial light modulator-head generating short pulse laser radiation.

09 Sep 22
Corning opens optical fiber manufacturing plant in Poland

Mszczonów factory developed to meet “growing demand for high-speed connectivity in Europe”.

08 Sep 22
Fraunhofer ILT expands cooperation with Korea

Agreement to work on “green” manufacturing methods for electromobility and storage technologies.

01 Sep 22
Webb takes first direct image of planet outside the solar system

NASA: future observations will reveal more about exoplanets than ever before.

30 Aug 22
SuperCam builds new view of Martian crater

Data from instrument on Perseverance rover could help clarify whether Mars might have hosted microbial life.

25 Aug 22
Optics+Photonics 2022: Webb review awes the crowd in San Diego

Lee Feinberg, JWST’s Optical Telescope Element Manager, explains how new scope continues to amaze.

23 Aug 22
Zeiss Microscopy Image Contest 2022 winners

Striking images of organic and inorganic systems demonstrate impact of imaging technology.

23 Aug 22
Optics+Photonics 2022: Opening plenary honors the late Michael W. Berns

Second Sunday plenary, by Dr. Jun Ye, of JILA at University of Colorado, explored quantum science and metrology.

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