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Omega Optical, LLC

In business since 1969, Omega Optical delivers you the light you need. Filters range from VUV to MWIR – both standard and custom. Services range from engineering to prototype to high volume production. Our broad abilities range from organic dielectric to II IV materials and from Oxide PVD to sputtering technologies.


Coatings on fiber tips: Bandpass, Longpass, Shortpass and Broadband Anti-reflection coatings deposited on fiber tips

Bandpass/Bandstop: Laser Line, Fluorescence, Notch

Longpass and Shortpass: Barrier, Raman Edge as well as Cut-on and Cut-off Dichroics, Beamsplitters, Dielectric Mirrors, Hot and Cold Mirrors

Multiband Filters: Dual, Triple, Quad Band

Color Correction: Enhancement and Separation Filters, Photopic, Additive and Subtractive

Metal Coatings: Neutral Density, Induced Transmission, MDM Multicavity

Transparent Conductors: ITO, TCO, Induced Transmitting Metal Metal 

Engineering Services: Specification Develoment, thin-film modelling


Life Science and Medical Diagnostics: DNA Sequencing, Flow Cytometry, PCR, microplate readers, point-of-care diagnostics, whole animal imaging, etc.

Commercial and Industrial: Environmental Analysis, Inspection and QA, crop monitoring, color matching, counterfeit detection

Defense and Security: LIDAR, RADAR CBRNE Detection Mine Detection NIR, SWIR and MWIR Imaging

Astronomy and Aerospace: Laser-based communications, satellite imaging, round based astronomy (ex. GRANTECAN), orbital astronomy (ex. Hubble),  extraterrestrial missions (Mars rovers)

Omega Optical provides a wide range of optical components including beamsplitters, filters, IR optics, dielectric mirrors, polarizers and UV optics. Visit the website for a complete view of the products available or to contact us for more information.

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Omega Optical, LLC
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