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Omega Optical - DeepUV™️ Transmission Grating Saves Space and Project Overhead

24 May 2024

Omega Optical offersEfficiency Replicated” gratings which extend the useable spectrum of affordable transmission gratings deeper than ever into the UV range. Created for OEM volume needs, this transmission grating was conceived as a cost-effective option for traditionally used etched fused silica gratings and offers superior solarization/ yellowing resistance compared to traditional replicated gratings.

The patent-pending design extends transmission down to deep UV range of 190nm - 400nm for use in Life Science and Semiconductor applications currently confined to reflective grating system designs.

Whether one of our standard masters works for your application or if we work with you on your initial DeepUV grating design, our replication process allows you to obtain precise and repeatable custom gratings in an accelerated timeframe,” stated John Bangrazi, Director of Business Development. The resulting replicated gratings yield low RMS surface roughness and near identical piece-to-piece performance at a fraction of the original master production cost.”

Omega Optical is known in the optics industry for its ultra-fast replication that allows us to meet high or low-volume requirements at a lower cost. This makes us a reliable partner for OEMs in early project design work through continuous production for high-volume optics. By replicating critical surface finish and figure onto selected and pre-aligned components for excellent uniformity, we maintain quality and precision while reducing your cost.

Say goodbye to traditional etched fused silica gratings and embrace cost-effective innovation. Don't miss out on extending your usable spectrum affordably. Upgrade to DeepUV gratings today.

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