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Philips focusses on display technology

17 Jun 2002

US-based Philips Components is teaming up with display manufacturers to pioneer breakthrough technologies.

The US division of Royal Philips Components, Netherlands, has invested $5.5 million in Israel-based Visson Enterprises to commercialize its flexible display technology. Based on phosphor wires, which illuminate when an electrical current is applied, the displays are 'woven' like a cloth to produce screens that are unlimited in size.

"At the moment we are focussing on making the technology a viable option," said a Philips Components spokesperson. "Once we get a higher definition, the applications are endless, although we will look at portable services first."

Philips Components has also invested million of dollars in a US-based developer of 'electronic ink technology', E Ink. E Ink's technology is based on an ink that contains millions of microcapsules, which luminesce on applying an electric field. The manufacturers print the ink on a plastic film that is laminated to electronic circuitry. The circuitry forms a pattern of pixels that are controlled by a standard display driver.

The team is targeting the technology at the smart, hand-held device market and plans to launch products by the end of the year. "We are always looking around for further opportunities to partner and invest with innovative companies," added the company spokesperson.

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