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28 Feb 2003

Including news from Northrop Grumman, FLIR Systems, Teem Photonics, Bausch & Lomb and more.

•  Northrop Grumman's Space Technology division has delivered the first beacon illuminator laser (BILL) for use in the US Missile Defense Agency's airborne laser (ABL) program. "Delivery of the kilowatt-class BILL marks an important step forward in the ongoing integration of the first ABL system," said Steve Hixson, Northrop Grumman's ABL program manager.

The beam from BILL makes a small spot on a target missile and measures the distortion of reflected light caused by turbulence in the air. This enables a deformable mirror to make corrections to ABL's megawatt chemical laser, which is used to destroy the missile.

•  VistaScape Technology, a maker of surveillance software, has teamed up with fellow US company FLIR Systems. VistaScape will integrate FLIR's infrared imaging know-how into its security systems, which it says will provide object detection for homeland security and counter terrorism. "The result will be a system that addresses the most complex security applications for the protection of borders, harbors, coastlines and perimeters," said Andrew Teich, FLIR's senior vice president for sales and marketing.

•  Teem Photonics of France, an integrated optical component manufacturer, has secured EURO 10 m ($10.8 million) in third-round venture capitalist funding. The company says it will use the cash to develop its integrated active and passive products, and pursue opportunities arising out of the ongoing consolidation within the optical sector.

•  Bausch & Lomb, US, has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to market an excimer-laser system with the ability to correct long-sightedness. The company says this approval means surgeons can now treat both long- and short-sightedness with its single 217A system.

•  Instrument Systems of Germany, a maker of light-measuring devices, is opening a subsidiary in France. "The demand for high-quality light measuring systems is growing rapidly in France," said company president Richard Distl. "We project particular development in our core competencies of LED and display analysis."

•  Fibotec Fiberoptics, a German maker of fiber-optic subsystems, has chosen Specialized Systems of California as its official US representative. Founded in November 2001, Fibotec now offers customized fiber-optic solutions to OEMs in test and measurement, communication and industrial markets.

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