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C-RED New Space: space-designed SWIR camera core

24 Jan 2024

Introducing the latest addition to the C-RED family of high-speed, low-noise SWIR cameras: C-RED New Space.

C-RED New Space is a SWIR camera core specifically tailored for satellite optical payloads. Based on a VGA InGaAs sensor with a resolution of 640x512 pixels and a 15µm pixel pitch, the camera is sensitive in the 900 to 1700 nanometers range with a quantum efficiency exceeding 70% from 1000 to 1650 nm.

C-RED New Space is an off-the-shelf SWIR camera module, for a successful seamless integration into any system specifically satellite optical payloads. The camera offers extensive customization in hardware, electronic design and firmware to ensure optimal performance and support the demanding conditions of space operations.

The camera offers a full frame acquisition speed of 600 frames per second and up to 32066 frames per second in 32x4 in windowing mode. Its high frame rate optimizes temporal resolution, making it 
invaluable for applications that involve rapid changes or movements. 

This high framerate is combined to an extreme sensitivity and high dynamic range, without compromises. C-RED New Space offers a readout noise below 30 electrons and a 93 dB and true 16 bits high dynamic range mode: it enables imaging and sensing in ultra low light conditions and various light intensities. Additionally, the camera can operate across a large operational temperature range, making it suitable for challenging environments. Its advanced thermal design ensures low and repeatable noise, as well as maintained quantum efficiency performances.

C-RED New Space offers multiple assets for an easy integration into your system: user presets and 
synchronization configurations, along with on-board processing features including AGC, 2-point NUC (Non Uniformity Correction), and image flip.

Leveraging on First Light Imaging’s astronomical heritage and a decade of experience in adaptive optics, the C-RED New Space solution has already been chosen by New Space major players. 

C-RED New Space : a game changer for a wide range of applications

Technology in the space industry is rapidly and continuously evolving, encouraging the emergence of new applications. In response, C-RED New Space stands out as a true game-changer thanks to its advanced features and capabilities.

Its exceptional performances as well as its high customizability make it an indispensable tool for space

• In Free Space Optics, C-RED New Space’s high frame rate and sensitivity to low signals in the 
shortwave infrared enable efficient data transmission in ground-to-space communication, overcoming atmospheric disturbances. For the ground segment, our cameras C-RED 2 Lite and C-RED 3 can be used, in particular as wavefront sensors in adaptive optics systems.

• With a high sensitivity across the SWIR spectrum and its low-light imaging capabilities, C-RED New 
Space can be used in hyper or multi spectral systems to detect greenhouse gases, which is a key 
point of environmental monitoring to understand sources of emission and developing strategies 
to reduce them. 

• Situational awareness is also a crucial application in space operations. C-RED New Space can be 
used in space-based systems for tracking and monitoring space objects, including satellites and 
debris, thanks to its performances in low-light conditions. 

Whether in Earth observation, high-speed laser beam detection, remote sensing, astronomy or other 
fields, choosing C-RED New Space is a no-brainer.

C-RED New Space is equipped with a high-throughput CameraLink® interface, ensuring minimal latency and optimal real time capability. Other interfaces can be provided upon request. The camera is designed to be customizable both on hardware and software aspects, and our team is available to discuss your project.

The camera seamlessly integrates into First Light Vision, the multi-camera and cross-platform Graphical User Interface of First Light Imaging. Additionally, it comes with an SDK compatible with MatLab, Labview, µManager, Python, Halcon and C/C++/C#, for users wishing to integrate the camera into their existing software or processing workflow.

C-RED New Space is part of the C-RED range of SWIR cameras from First Light Imaging

Whether a board-level or a shell-version is required, whether InGaAs limitations need to be overcome, 
the C-RED range of SWIR cameras from First Light Imaging provides advanced solutions for every project.

Easy as plug-and-play, the C-RED series of cameras are designed for scientific or industrial applications that demand sensitivity, speed, dynamic and high resolution.

To learn more about C-RED New Space, please visit us during Photonics West in San Francisco from 
January 30 to February 1, 2024, on booth 5029E.
More information here 

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