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Gaussian Mirrors

14 Nov 2023

LASER COMPONENTS are one of the only companies worldwide specialising in the coating of Gaussian mirrors, also known as VRM (variable reflecting mirrors).  These specialised components feature a degree of reflectivity that slopes from the centre of the optic in a Gaussian distribution. 

The Gaussian mirror is based on a Fabry Perot interferometer with a position dependant mirror spacing.  A distance layer with variable thickness is surrounded by two identical mirror layers.  If the spacing between the mirror layers is a multiple of λ/4, the system is transparent for that wavelength.  If, however the spacing is an odd multiple of λ/4, the total reflection is determined by the reflection of the mirror layers. 

These Gaussian mirrors are used in unstable resonators where they help produce high quality laser beams with low divergence at high pulse energies.  In frequency doubled systems they are used to create greater pump efficiency. 

We specialise in producing custom Gaussian mirrors to exacting customer requirements.  They are characterised using an innovative measuring system ensuring consistently high quality and precision. 

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