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Product Announcement

Elevate Your Projects With EMF's Rapid and Affordable Aluminum Coatings

09 Nov 2023

Everyone provides Aluminum coatings, but not everyone does it as well as EMF. 

From 3mm - 3m sizes, with Enhanced or Protected coating options means that we can coat your largest pieces or provide excellent unit prices for large batch coatings. EMF even offers aluminum-coated test slides.

Need high-volume coatings? We have shipped 800,000 cold mirrors for head-up-displays (HUDs), and coated 1.7 million plastic substrates. Our coating facilities are capable of coating upwards of 250,000 pieces per week! Need a single 10x10mm round? We have that also. Multiple standard coatings and sizes can be quickly selected and ordered directly from our website.

Prices that are hard to beat, and our products are available to order online for a fast solution.

Get the EMF EDGE

  • 26 vacuum coating chambers
  • 40 million sq/inches of coating capacity for high-volume coatings
  • Coat large format optics up to 108” in diameter
  • Substrates: glass, ceramics, metals, and plastics (and plastic films)
  • IR substrate materials available
Visit EMF-CORP.com for specifications or to request an order.

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