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Ansys Optics: End-to-End Multiscale and Multiphysics Simulation Platform

25 Aug 2023

Accelerate your path to innovation with confidence and ease using Ansys Optics. Accurately and quickly solve multi-scale and multiphysics optics and photonics problems via a comprehensive, interoperable, and consistent tool flow powered by best-in-class optical, thermal, electrical, and quantum physics solvers.

Elevate final product quality with accurate and efficient design of complex optical systems and photonics devices that include innovative components like metalenses, plasmonics, aspheric and freeform lenses, diffractive waveguides, CMOS image sensors, MicroLEDs, non-linear optics, and more by considering component optimization, system integration challenges, performance trade-offs, and tolerance analysis. Read more below to see how our latest solutions enable your metalens design and optimization.

Rapid Metalens Design & Optimization

Empower your metalens design and optimization by combining  Ansys Lumerical RCWA, Ansys Zemax OpticStudio, and Ansys Speos. Leverage the efficient RCWA method to rapidly sweep over all meta-atom configurations and use the results to directly simulate metalens performance within the full optical system - either using Fourier propagation or geometric ray tracing. Our multiphysics and multiscale workflows enable validation of the metalens design within the larger system to ensure desired performance, size, and weight requirements are met. Read more about our solutions for different metalens use cases in the two application articles below: 

Small-Scale Metalens – Field Propagation

Large-Scale Metalens – Ray Propagation

High Accuracy Validation of Large Metalenses with HPC Powered FDTD

Unlock the Power of FDTD for Metasurface Simulations with our HPC solutions! Leverage on premise or cloud CPU and GPU resources to tackle complex challenges with ease, from the simulation of micron to mm-scale metasurfaces that contain massive grid cells in the range of 100s of billions.

Efficient Export of Large-Scale Metalens Structures to GDS Format

Once the design of the physical shapes and the positions of the meta elements over the whole lens is finished, you can easily export large metalens structures composed of a large number of meta-elements to a GDS format ready to be sent out for fabrication.

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