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Optometrics Diffraction Gratings - Precisely for High Level Spectroscopy

28 Mar 2023

Holographic and Ruled diffraction gratings are available from Optometrics for use in high-level spectroscopy, alongside our Echelle, Filtered and Transmission gratings. One of the few gratings manufacturers that offer both Holographic and Ruled grating design and production in-house, we are experts in mastering. As original gratings are very expensive, after exhaustive testing, we also offer our customers a proven replication process from the master grating that allows the transfer of 3D information to numerous ruled or holographic replicas. This highly reliable and cost-effective direction allows for the wide use of gratings in spectroscopic applications using UV/ VIS/ NIR.

If one of our standard diffraction gratings does not provide the ideal dispersion or diffraction efficiency profile necessary to optimize your performance goal, we offer the engineering and manufacturing expertise to design and build what you need to differentiate your product with winning performance.

An ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR-certified company, Optometrics brings R&D, engineering and manufacturing under one roof. With a catalog of more than 400 optical gratings masters ready for immediate replication and a deeper archive thousands strong, capacity to produce 500,000+ precision replicated optical components annually, and robust in-house metrology services for precision and environmental durability, Optometrics is the go-to partner for custom and OEM photonics applications. It also supports lean manufacturing practices, including Six Sigma methodologies and approaches to problem-solving.

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