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Beam Expanders

28 Mar 2023

LASER COMPONENTS offers a range of beam expanders for YAG systems and other wavelengths, used primarily for increasing laser power densities at the focal point, and beam guidance over long distances. 

Fixed, variable and zoom beam expanders are available.  Fixed beam expanders offer a low-cost solution with fixed magnification, with no compensation for divergence or convergence of the incident beam.  Variable beam expanders however allow for adjustment in the lens spacing for divergence compensation, with the magnification level remaining fixed.  Our zoom beam expanders offer infinitely variable magnification between 2x and 8x, with divergence compensation.

A range of standard beam expanders are available to choose from, with the option for customisation to suit any application. 

Further information Beam Expanders for CO2 Lasers - Lens Systems (lasercomponents.com)

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