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Product Announcement

Now That’s a Mirror!

23 Jan 2023

EMF has the capability to coat and handle incredibly large windows and refractive optics.

Our AR coatings can be applied from the UV to IR over elements up to 40” diameter, as well as mirrors and metal coatings on surfaces up to 108” diameter. The sample shown here is just over 100″ in diameter to give you a better idea of scale (Our Aussie is 6’1″).

First surface mirrors with aluminum, silver, or gold coatings. Standard Protected Aluminum is our most popular mirror coating for applications in the visible and near-infrared. A layer of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) is typically used as an overcoat to protect the aluminum layer. Our DLC, hydrophobic and oleophobic films are all available at this large dimension.

Need Diamond-turned mirror, aspheres, or off-axis parabolas (OAD) for Near, Mid and Far IR (1-12μm)? Our large chamber can handle that for you. Our largest coaters can also easily convert to huge volumes of coated glass in 2″ diameter squares or smaller.

Get The EMF Edge
- 26 vacuum coating chambers
- 40 million sq in of coating capacity for high-volume production
- Short lead times
- ZERO wait time with our chamber reservation system

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