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Art Photonics GmbH introduces ATR fiber probe with 12mm and 6mm shaft

23 Sep 2022

Art Photonics GmbH introduced a new product – ATR fiber probe with 12mm and 6mm shaft (for industrial application) designed for harsh and hazardous (high temp, pressure, pH, vibration, etc.) conditions.

These Fiber Optic ATR-Probes can be used for process-spectroscopy in Near & Mid IR range to monitor reactions in-line in a broad temperature range from -150° to +250°C. They can resist to high pressures up to 200Bar and used with FTIR or any other IR-spectrometers and spectral sensors in automated process control with process-interfaces.

Flexible and robust ATR fiber probes allows to use them in harsh environment for a broad variety of industrial applications., including:

Main features:

  • High throughput in selected parts of Near & Mid InfraRed-spectra
  • ATR-tip shaped for immersion in liquid flow without dead zone.
  • Robust for industrial and lab applications up to 250°C
  • Resistant to high pressure (up to 200Bar)
  • Resistant to aggressive acids
  • Compatible with all spectrometers and automated process-interfaces

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