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Product Announcement

Knight Optical’s Low GDD Ultrafast Laser Mirrors

25 Aug 2022

Knight Optical’s Low GDD Ultrafast Laser Mirrors are ideal for demanding laser applications, especially where femtosecond ultrafast lasers are utilised.

Our product catalogue consists of laser mirrors optimised for the fundamental and second harmonic (SHG) emissions of Ytterbium (Yb) doped lasers including diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) and fiber lasers, and therefore have a design wavelength of either 515nm or 1030nm.  

Their key features include:

  • Ion beam sputtered (IBS) coating which is compact and durable.
  • Reflection > 99.9% within their wavelength range of either 500-530nm or 1010-1050nm.
  • Available as 0° and 45° angle of incidence
  • Exhibit minimal group delay dispersion (GDD) to prevent pulse broadening
  • High laser induced damage threshold (LIDT)
  • Precision flatness and surface quality to minimise laser scattering

All of the above are important criteria for mirrors used to form a laser resonator, making these laser mirrors ideal.

The general product specifications can be found below:

Surface Quality S1: 

Surface Quality S2:
Flatness Clear Aperture:
Coating S1:

UV Fused Silica
< 10/5 for 12.7mm/25.4mm diameters
< 20/10 for 50.8mm diameter
< 80/50
80% or specified aperture
< 5 arc mins
0.1-0.4mm x 45 deg
Rs>99.95% & Rp>99.9% @ 500-530nm, AOI 45°, |GDD Rs, Rp| < 20 fs2
R>99.9% @ 500-530nm, AOI 0°, |GDD R| < 10 fs2
Rs>99.95% & Rp>99.9% @ 1010-1050nm, AOI 45°, |GDD Rs| < 10 fs2, |GDD Rp| <20 fs2
R>99.9% @ 1010-1050nm, AOI 0°, |GDD R| < 15 fs2

At Knight Optical, our main area of business, and a service we excel at, is providing our customers with components which suit their application which primarily involves supplying custom-made optics.

Below are our typical custom capabilities:

Coating wavelengths:

Additional coatings:

Flat, wedged and spherical
3mm to 250mm
200nm to 5000nm

Please contact us with your enquiries and a member of our technical sales team will get in touch to move forward with your enquiry.

Contact our technical sales team to discover how Knight Optical’s high-quality Right Angle Prisms and superior service can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.

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