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180XL Visual Fault Locator

23 Aug 2022

LASER COMPONENTS offers the 180XL visual fault locator which allows the user to quickly and safely visually locate broken and pinched fibres, highlight macrobends, faulty connectors and bad splices.  The long reach allows the user to safely confirm fibre continuity up to a distance of 7km.

It is suitable for both singlemode and multimode fibres, it is invaluable in helping to find the right fibre in a fibre bundle or badly assembled connectors.

This visual fault locator is inexpensive and easy to use, requires minimal training to carry out near end measurements and confirm fibre continuity.  It can identify fibre ends, carry out fibre alignment, look for fibre discontinuities, dirty / bad connectors and more.  It is Class 2 designation providing safe light levels for the user.

It is an ideal tool for trouble shooting and looking into the dead zone region of an OTDR.  The visible light source can be set to continuous or pulsed at 2Hz to aid fault location / visualisation.

The universal 2.5mm bulkhead connection allows the use of 2.5mm ferrule diameter (FC, SC, ST, DIN, E2000) connectors, it is of no importance whether the fibre features a PC or an APC polishing.  There is an optional adaptor for 1.25mm to accommodate LC and MU connectors.

It allows the user to quickly locate faults without the use of more expensive equipment.  It is compact and extremely useful tool for maintenance, installation, manufacturing and in the research and development laboratory.

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