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Metalized Infra-Red Detector Windows

03 Aug 2022

As a supplier of metalized windows for the infra-red detector industry, Spectral Systems offers optically flat ZnSe, Ge, Sapphire, and KBr windows used in MCT, InSb, TE cooled MCT, LN2, Stirling Cycle Cooled, and Micro Bolometer infra-red detectors. 

Our metallized coatings pass solderability testing, allowing for direct integration of windows into dewars and solid-state detectors. This protects the detector from damaging condensation when cooled down to 77ºK.

Our customers know they can depend on quality and consistency in our detector windows. In 2021 alone, we sold 6,000 KBr detector windows.

The AR coatings on Spectral’s detector windows adhere to the following MIL Specifications:

  • Environmental Testing: MIL-C-48497 para 4.5.3 and 4.5.4
  • Adhesion: Per 48497A para
  • Humidity: Per MIL-C-48497A para
  • Moderate Abrasion: Per MIL-C-48497A para
  • Temperature: Per MIL-C-48497 para
  • Solubility/Cleanability: Per MIL-C-48497A para

We are a premier US manufacturer of designed and build-to-print IR optically flat and curved optical components and assemblies that span the entire infrared range from the NIR to the Far-IR. In conjunction with the additional Omega Optical Holdings Divisions, we offer the most comprehensive IR capabilities available in the optics industry today. We strive to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations with our Mastery of IR Optics.

Our engineers are ready to help bring your coated window design into reality!
Contact us today at spectral-systems.com - When Being Exact Means Everything.

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